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ExitGame : What is it?

You are trapped in a place out of the ordinary. Looking around you notice strange things, closed chest, messages : clues that will possibly help you get out. Will your team manage to solve the riddles and escape before it's too late?

Privatize also rooms for events : Teambuilding, EC events, bachelor parties...

Who can participate?

Anybody ! With friends, family or colleagues come to test your mind and logic in one of our rooms. Tested by combining puzzles trick and agility, you have to work as a team and keep a cool head, despite the surprises that will mark your adventure.

You only have to choose your destination!


Discover unique and mysterious universes

The laboratory

You and your team are charged to inspect professor Pavlov laboratory. The brilliant scientist also drags a sulfurous reputation and maybe lightly unstable mind. He’s suspected of working on unauthorized and very dangerous virus strains… What could go wrong?


The tomb

What unique occasion it is to discover an intact Egyptian tomb ! As an experienced archeologist, you can’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by. And the persistent malediction rumors for everyone who enter the tomb are just nonsense, aren't they?

salle alcatraz escape game


You are imprisoned by mistake in the darkest and damp cell of Fort Saint-Jean, in Marseille. You will be executed in an hour for a crime you did not commit. You find a mysterious message in your cell, the fort hosting an ancient illuminati temple, which could be an exit. Will you be able to escape in time?

Where to find us?

We are located in the center of Marseille, 

4 rue Barthelemy
13001 Marseille.

2 minutes walk away from subway M1 and tramway T2 "Réformés Canebière".

You can also write/call us:

  • contact(anti-spam)@(anti-spam)exitgame.fr
  • 09 81 47 (anti-spam)75 (anti-spam)74


“Great time spent with friends”

Very welcoming, we quickly get carried away by the game. Time passes very quickly. We are eager to see the new room!


Sébastien R, via TripAdvisor

“Very nice concept”

We went with friends. The concept is very nice and different from other activities. Well welcomed, we did the archaeological room and the atmosphere was there the whole time (55min exactly). Being my first escape-room, I can not judge its quality with respect to other rooms of the kind. But the key is that we had a great time!


Sylvain D, via TripAdvisor


“Very good time!”

We were 4 for the room "laboratory". 2nd experience for us after discovering the escape game in Paris the previous week! A finely-worked decor and clever puzzles !! You really have to look everywhere and especially communicate with others on your findings. So a very good room that makes you want to discover "the tomb" and promises for all others to come ... We will come back!


Gautier B, via TripAdvisor

“A great time!!”

Having already done the lab we rush to the tomb and look forward a new room .. C was great: the were well made, enough challenging puzzles and a moment out of time guaranteed (except that of the chrono :). Fun and perfect with two teenagers looking for thrills or unusual!!


Nadeege, via Tripadvisor