Discover Marseille
and find the culprit

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"An unexpected experience."
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"A great idea for a day out"
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Discover (or rediscover) Marseille in a different way.

Our improved tour combines a walk, a historical visit and of course the resolution of the survey you are participating in. Find out more about how the game is played.


This is not yet available in English. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

A treasure hunt in the streets of Marseille.

Discover this new concept of “improved” walks. The tour lasts about 2h30. You will discover picturesque places in the city, learn more about its history and of course solve the puzzles you will be asked.

Accessible to everyone.

If you are a competitor, try to set a time record or do it at your own pace as a family, as you wish. The proposed puzzles are more accessible than in our rooms and there are no time limits.

Recommended even for native Marseilles residents.

They will learn new anecdotes and discover secret corners of our city.

Solve the Barthelemy case

We’ve been robbed! We have been robbed of the plans for our next room, help us find the culprit!

The guy probably left clues at the crime scene you’ll be visiting, but also in the streets… Visit the crime scene, collect the clues all along the way and catch the culprit!

On your marks, ready? Go!

Tired of monotonous guided tours? With us, you will no longer be a mere spectator, you are the main actor.

How does the treasure hunt in Marseille work?

You start in our offices, at 4 rue Barthelemy, to inspect the scene of the flight. A first enigma is already to be solved on the spot. You are then given a “kit” of investigators containing various objects (exhibits). This kit is free and contains a notebook that will guide you through the journey.

With the notebook as a guide, chase the suspect into the city. 17 enigmas are to be solved while discovering the Phocaean city. You are not accompanied or expected on arrival by ExitGame, so you can evolve at the pace you want.

The route to be taken is clearly indicated, no risk of getting lost. The enigmas only concern the elements / monuments encountered on the way. Once at the end of the walk, with enough answers to the riddles you can identify with certainty the culprit!

2h30 of stroll, or a little more if you want to take your time, no time limit!
It’s up to you to solve the 17 puzzles proposed to identify the culprit!
About 4km to go in the unusual districts of the Phocaean city

11€ per participant

Booking your place online is free and takes only 2 minutes. The price paid on site is 11€ per participant, free for children under 9 years old.

Step 1: Choose your slot

Define with your group your departure time and day. We are open every day, the first departure is at 10:00 am and then every hour.

Step 2: Book online

Click on the button below so that we can organize a game for you. Booking is free of charge, only an email address and a telephone number to contact you in case of emergency are required.

Step 3: Starting day

The departure is from the place of the flight, at 4 rue Barthelemy in Marseille. On site we do not yet accept credit card payments. We do take cheques and cash.


The treasure hunt does not make you come back to our offices, just to warn you, which has allowed us to concoct an even nicer path for you. The kit is free, no need to come back. Allow an additional 30 minutes of walking to get in. You can use the Place Estiennes d’Orves car park if you wish to stay close to the arrival.


A great idea for a trip to visit nice places and have fun at the same time. To do with friends or family

A great way to (re)discover Marseille!

The treasure hunt begins with a successful staging with some riddles to solve before going for a fun walk in Marseille. Perfect for a beautiful sunny afternoon.

An unexpected experience.

Really very good alternative, to have fun at your own pace while learning a lot of things, I highly recommend the experience, moreover the organizers are very friendly.

Access map

We are at the top of the famous Canebière, in the heart of Marseille.

2min walk from the M1 metro and T2 tramway stops “Réformés Canebière”.

1min from the parking lot of the plain “place Jean-jaurès”.

15 minutes walk from the Saint-Charles TGV station


Adress :

4 rue Barthelemy,
13001 Marseille.

Mail: contact(anti-spam)@(anti-spam)

Téléphone: +339 81 47 75 74

Help us catch this thief!
Book your treasure hunt in Marseille now.